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Welcome to EGR Extrusion Division Australia.

EGR is a global leader in extruded rigid plastic sheet products. EGR takes pride in our ability to produce the highest quality extruded sheets from a broad range of polymers, specialising in co-extrusion technology. We achieve this through our investment in the best people and latest manufacturing technology available, and through our ongoing commitment to product and application development.

Our extrusion lines are complimented by Class 10,000 clean rooms allowing the production of Optical Grade sheet. Along with the capability to extrude some material in widths up to 2700mm, our output rates are amongst the highest in the extrusion manufacturing sector. Our lines can produce a wide range of specialised and standard plastics that include, ABS, ASA, Polycarbonate, General Purpose and Impact Modified Acrylic, PETG, and many new alloys.