Offering world class extrusion facilities.

Developed for the signage market, EGR is able to supply PC, PMMA, ABS or ASA on continuous reels up to 2700mm wide. This form of supply is extremely convenient for any manufacturer who has multiple sheet size requirements, as the sheet can simply be cut to length from the continuous reel.

With the advent of Laser cutting becoming more and more prevalent as a fast and convenient cutting method, EGR has developed and now offers a specialised quick cut "low burn" easily removed masking film. Dependant on their exact needs, customers can request a variety of masking films ranging from High Tack Paper Masking, Low Tack Water Soluble Paper, Hi Tack Thermoformable PE all in a variety of colours, including clear, white, green or blue.

Review the specific products listed below.


EGR ABS is available in both standard sheet form and also on reels (upon application).


Offering superb UV resistance and moulding capabilities, EGR ACA is fast becoming a worldwide benchmark.


Unlike other Styrenic materials, ASA provides exceptional resistance to UV degradation.


As the name indicates, this material is a blend of Polycarbonate and ABS. Providing a balance in accentuating the best qualities of both materials.


Tuflite™ is EGR’s copolymer thermoplastic PETG sheet.


Acryplex™ is EGR’s extruded PMMA sheet. Available in General Purpose, Impact Modified, High Optical and High Heat grades.


Available in General Purpose, UV capped and Optical Grade, EGR Polycarbonate is recognised world wide as a high quality material.